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by | Jan 28, 2016

I’ve started this blog post three times but not managed to hit publish as I’ve felt like there’s too much I want to say but the words have deserted me, which I pray is temporary as this is not the time to get writers block! It’s been hard to arrange my thoughts and words to express just how much your support over the past ten days has meant to me but I need you to know.

Ok, deep breath. I hope that what follows, which feels like a messy stream of brain vomit, makes sense ….

This time last week my debut novel Destination Thailand (which is still on offer at £0.99 on Amazon, just FYI :)) was released as an e-book and with it my dream of becoming a published author came true. After signing my book deal back in May last year I’d been working towards this day but I could never in a million billion years have prepared myself for the intense global media attention that came with it.

The past ten days have been a complete whirlwind of emotions. I left Paris airport clutching a copy of a national tabloid newspaper with my sunburnt and make-up free face on page three (not that page 3!) not knowing what I would arrive to when my flight landed in the Philippines 17 hours later.


There have been times in the past week where I’ve felt like a swan, trying to remain calm and on top of things on the surface but deep down kicking my feet furiously trying to make sense of it all. I’m just this normal girl who went through a really sad and confusing time but decided not to let it beat her as she went in search of a new life. A girl who stubbornly refused to give up on her dreams no matter the sacrifices that came with it. A girl who can now officially call herself a writer (I still get a thrill at saying this) but because of all of this unexpected attention is struggling to express just how touched, lucky and humbled the messages from people all over the world sharing their support and their personal stories has made her feel.

I’m sorry that things have been a little bare on these here blog pages but I hope you’ll forgive me not wittering on like normal as I’ve been battling jet lag, a whirlwind of emotions and trying to make sense of everything. But please-please-with-a-sticky-glace-cherry-on-top know that I’m getting back on track. I’m thrilled and excited to be cracking on writing my third novel Destination Chile as well as promoting Destination Thailand and making new friends and potential future travel buddies!

This was also the week when I took a call from my editor who could hardly contain her excitement at being able to tell me that all three of the novels in the Lonely Hearts Travel Club series will be available to buy as paperbacks. Paperbacks!! The fact that in just a few weeks (Feb 11th to be precise) I’ll get my grubby mitts on an actual physical copy of this novel that has been so personal and close to my heart for so long is too much to take. I just know I’m going to be a hot mess when I manage to track down a copy in a shop (and then will totally rearrange the shelves and take millions of shelfies because I can – eeep!).

Also this week the covers were revealed of the next two books in the Lonely Hearts Travel Club series; Destination India and Destination Chile. Shall we just take a second to admire the beauty of these covers that I get to call mine. Say what?! I am swooning and completely head-over-heels in love. Sigh.  

// Pre-order your copy here! //

// Pre-order your copy here! //

So much can change in a matter of days which has always given me comfort during times in the past when things have felt too hard to deal with, knowing that they won’t always feel like this. But also knowing the fact that things can change in a matter of days only reminds me that I’ll never for a second take for granted just how lucky I have been to share Georgia’s story with the world.

So, let me pretend you’re sat next to me as we toast the most bizarre and amazing week of my life as I raise my glass to you. To followers old and new who are on this journey with me. The adventure has just began and I am so flipping excited.

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  1. Kirsty

    Well done katy, I’ve followed your blog from the get go and am super chuffed for you. You have come a hell of a long way since castle Irwell!!
    Can’t wait to get the paperbacks copies. Keep doing what you’re doing. ? Xx


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