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Book Cover Challenge – How I Recreated The Best Is Yet To Come!

by | Mar 23, 2021

I never thought I’d be a cover girl but when my editor sent me the front cover of my latest novel ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ I just knew I had to try and re-create the look! I’d seen a few other bookworms and authors manage to pull this off as part of a #bookcoverchallenge. Now it was my turn…

The main character of my novel (and who features on the front cover) is Izzy, a young mum struggling with those tricky early days of motherhood. Those days I knew very well. I used my own experiences as a new mum when I was writing Izzy’s story and although we have lots in common, thankfully my journey has been a lot smoother than hers. However, when I saw the image that the designers had chosen to represent Izzy I was taken aback at the similarities between myself and this tiny cartoon figure.

The long brown hair, the bright red pushchair and the buttercup yellow coat – all these belonged to me! This was when I decided to have a bit of fun and rope in my friend, the talented photographer, Will Johnston to try and bring this idea to life.

Will was kind enough not to laugh at me and instead managed to find time in his schedule to get the shot. He was working in a large studio, he had the lights and the fancy camera – the only problem was we needed wind. Without a wind machine or even a hair dryer we had to get creative. Thank goodness for his very patient and helpful assistant, Vic, who was on hand with a long pole and a good imagination!


The photo’s he took were EXACTLY like I had imagined in my mind! I think he did an excellent job and, if I do say so myself, I channeled my inner Izzy and got her downcast look pretty much spot on. Then it took a bit pf photoshop wizardry from my husband John to complete the job and BINGO – I was now a cover girl.

Thanks to Will and Vic for being such good sports. I hope you like the finished look. You can get your hands on a copy (with the actual cover) by clicking on any of the links below. Thank you x







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